Welcome to Our Little Bay of the Internet

The purpose of Quicknav is to share the joy of boating and everything related to water. We will share our experience, knowledge, and tips to get started, and being a better boater on water and in marinas.

We try to share everything as is and we are not going to sugarcoat things to be cheaper or more beautiful as it is or isn’t.

Boats are a LOT of fun and joy, but they do require a lot of work and responsibility. 

First, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Do you know what B.O.A.T. stands for? Bust Out Another Thousand.

The fact is that boating can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to deal with a boat, there usually isn’t too much of an issue.

Boating, in general, is a relatively expensive hobby, and you largely get what you pay for. High-quality boats are expensive; cheap boats are generally built to a price. 

BUT the good news is that, in general, boats hold their value for longer than cars and when everything is good, it’s REALLY good!

Mistakes will be made. No doubt. As a beginner, just accept and learn from them. It’s the price of an education and will prepare you for so much more for the water.

Content Team

Robert Owens is the Chief of Content of Quicknav.

Robert has been boating for over ten years and loves to share his experience on the water. After spending so much time on the water, Robert has realized that boating is a lifelong journey that you learn by doing.

His first boat was a dirt-cheap, moderately beat-up 2003 Bayliner 175, where he learned a tremendous amount about trailering, launching, docking, operating, and maintaining.

He currently owns a Cruiser Yacht and is eyeing a sailboat.

You can occasionally find him cruising around the Southern California coast, enjoying water and nature.